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Sweden is a fantastic country for golf. Considering the size of the country's population, there is an incredibly large number of golfers and golf courses here. The southern part of the country has the most courses and the most renowned, yet, the north has several spectacular and unique courses where you can play under the midnight sun or across time zones into other countries, for example. Slowly but surely, we will try to cover this oblong country, with golf packages consisting of a wide range of courses and accommodation.


In Halland, you are never far from the sea and coast. Whatever you are looking for – spa, sea kayaks, kite or windsurfing, golf, design, food or accommodation near the sea – you are guaranteed to find it here. Genuine experiences and scenic adventures. This is where you will find lush forests, magical lakes and open landscapes. Yes, even real wilderness! Between nature trails, golf courses, lakes rich in fish and bicycle trails, you will find accommodation set in peaceful, beautiful and historical surroundings. The food is characterised by what the forest and water have to offer and is laid out in cosy little restaurants and farm shops. Welcome to Halland!


Skåne is a landscape of contrasts with everything to offer, all within a comfortable distance. The nature is varied, with vast open plains, undulating fields of rapeseed and 400 kilometres of coastline with beautiful white sandy beaches, but also deep, dense forests in the north east and dramatic steep cliffs in the north west. The distance from the countryside and the charming little fishing villages to the cities is short - Malmö in the south west with its big-city pulse, Helsingborg in the north west and Kristianstad in the north east. Welcome to Skåne!


Enchanting beauty, surprisingly close. Sea and forest, archipelago and lakes. Delightfully charming summer towns. Picturesque fishing villages, hamlets in the open countryside and small red cottages in leafy forest glades. Blekinge is an infusion of all that constitutes the image of Sweden, laced with a Danish history, spiced with the European Community and decorated with exotic lush vegetation. Blekinge's sunny climate and beautiful, varied nature attract visitors to the coast and islands year after year. The hinterland with its wilderness is also a popular destination. Welcome to Blekinge!


Stockholm is perhaps the world's most beautiful capital city. Stockholm is the city of contrasts - water and land, history and the future, small town feel and big city pulse. A city that is built on fourteen islands naturally offers marvellous views over the water. There are many delightful strolls to be had beside the water's edge in Stockholm. Riddarholmen and Gamla Stan are the heart of Stockholm with their mediaeval city centres. Welcome to Stockholm!


The name Småland literally means 'Small lands'. In olden times, this referred to all the small, inaccessible and independent areas that lay south of Östergötland and Västergötland. Today, the entire forest-clad landscape is easily accessible and with its countless lakes and long stretches of coastline in the east, it is never far to the water. In the north towers Småländska Höglandet - the Småland high country. Welcome to Småland!


Gothenburg, with its archipelago and wide range of events and activities, mainly lies in Västergötland, but the northern parts of the city belong to Bohuslän. Västergötland is known for its baroque Läckö Castle, Jan Guillou's fictional character Arn and the Middle Ages, the Göta Canal, beautiful small towns and superb nature that can be enjoyed whatever the season. Bohuslän treats its visitors to a unique archipelago with wonderful smooth cliffs and a lively coastal and boating life. Welcome to Gothenburg, Bohuslän & Västergötland!

Höga kusten - High Coast

It is no coincidence that more and more are looking to the High Coast. The proximity to the sea and the wonderful archipelago. For nature and peacefulness. For culture and people. For activities and adventure. High Coast is where Medelpad and Västerbotten meet and consists of Härnösands, Kramfors Sollefteå & Örnsköldsvik municipalities.


Bohuslän, the northern part of the west coast, has a beautiful archipelago with cozy fishing villages where you can enjoy seafood at many nice restaurants. Welcome to Bohuslän!


Västergötland´s, landscape is varied with fertile plains framed by small plateaus as Kinnekulle, Billingen, Hunneberg and the hilly Sjuhäradsbygden with its large wooded area. Welcome to Västergötland!


Södermanland, commonly called Sörmland, have old cities with a rich history as Strängnäs, Nyköping and Eskilstuna. Welcome to Sörmland!


Västmanland is traditionally divided into Bergslagen and Mälardalen. It has large forests with elk, wolves and bears, but they can be just as difficult to see as it is to make a hole in one. Welcome to Västmanland!

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